Propeller Car
Balloon Car
Balloon Hovercraft
Electric Hovercraft
Foam Plate Air Boat
Foam Plate Airplane
Spin Copters
Foam Rocket
Foam Plate Jet Boat
Straw Airplanes

Easy to build models for science, industrial arts, physics & math students. Our projects have been successful for thousands of young adults interested in building technical projects with inexpensive materials and minimum tools.

Grade school, middle school, high school and universities can all apply these projects into current curriculum to help increase student interest.

Cub scouts, Boy scouts, after school programs and engineering clubs, have all used our projects to keep young minds interested in their respective programs. Our projects are based on using simple tools and extremely inexpensive materials to create stimulating projects such as hovercrafts, rockets, air cars, airplanes, paddle boats, sail boats, spin copters and water rockets.

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